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Even the greatest business idea can be turned down for funding by a bank, especially if the business applying for the loan does not have their "ducks in a row." That's where we come in!

How Pt Financial Services can help you Package your Loan Application

In this economic climate, banks need to be impressed, not just by a great idea, but with a clearly-spelled out plan for success, including:

A detailed explanation of how the funds will be used.

A loan structure showing how the loan will be repaid with current or future earnings.

An explanation of collateral and/or personal guarantees for the loan.

Accommodations and documentation that will make the loan more appealing and understandable to the lender. 

With over 25 years of experience in the commercial lending sector, as well as a personal and professional relationship with several banks, lenders and loan officers across the country, Pt Financial is uniquely suited to help you prepare your loan package!

Here are just a few of the Loan Packaging Services Pt Financial provides to you:

Assistance in gathering necessary documentation.

Proper accounting and vetting to ensure that the financial information makes sense and is factually accurate and current.

Provide you with specific information about each banks' lending practices and terms. Read more about this below.

Provide "coaching" to you on making our presentation to the bankers: what they want to hear, and how they want the information presented.

In some cases, give guidance and suggestion on which banks and types of financing to apply for, based on your business.

As with all of our services, Pt Financial's Loan Packaging Services are backed by decades of experience in providing financial services in an honest, efficient and professional manner.


"You've done my work for me!"

We hear that a lot from the businesses whose applications we package, as well as from the banks and lenders who we work with.

The Loan Packages that Pt Financial prepares are done in a format and detail that lenders are looking for.  We have a large variety of lenders and loan officers that we work with regularly.

In each case they are more than willing to look at our clients' Loan Packages because, thanks to our preparation, they have far less work to do at the outset than they would typically have to do with most other applications.

Right off the bat, you are welcomed by the banks because they know that your application will be easier to process than most!

In addition, because our Packaging includes projections for financial growth, loan payment and business strategy, we help you in managing your business and loan payment in the future.

Not only are we helping you prepare your loan, we're helping you prepare your business!


"How Much Can I Get?"

This is the response many banks get when they ask applicants "how much money do you need?" When they get this response, their answer tends to be "nothing from us."

When applying for any type of loan, including a commercial loan, you need to know how much funding you require, before going to the bank to apply for it.

Pt Financial will assist you in determining how much money you need, when you need it, and where the money will need to go. This assists you not just in getting the loan, but in managing your assets and running your business once you've gotten the loan.


Insight into Lenders and Terms

Did you know that some banks won't give loans to restaurants? It's true. Other banks won't fund construction companies. And others won't do commercial loans of less than $250,000. The examples go on an on...some banks just aren't suited to give you a loan, for a variety of reasons.

In addition, each bank has different loan terms, different interest rates for each type of loan, different loan plans, and so on.

In short, without knowing the "lay of the land", entrepeneurs and small businesses can quickly get left in the dust without any funding.

Pt Financial can give you the "road map" of knowing which banks to apply to, based on your business's specific needs, type and desired terms.

In some cases, we will take you to numerous banks, which means that you could potentially get more than one approval. This helps greatly in getting you the best terms for your business!


Someone on YOUR side, all the way to Closing

Once the loan application has been approved, Pt Financial can continue to represent you with the lender, helping you to negotiate rates, making sure specific terms beneficial to you are spelled out, and "holding your hand" all the way through to the loan closing.

We want to build a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial business relationship with you, and our commitment to you continues even after our initial service is provided! Click Here for Testimonials from a few of our Happy Clients!


Our Promise to YOU

At Pt Financial, if we feel that we cannot help you in getting your financing, we have no business taking money from you!

That is why we provide a FREE first review of your business. If we determine that we can help you in packaging your Loan Application, we will do so.

If we feel that we cannot, there is no cost to you! That's the way we do business at Pt Financial!

For more information about our services, including terms, fees and timelines, Contact Us TODAY!


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